• General Fibre Products prides itself on providing customers the highest quality products. We control every step of our product manufacturing process (with the exception of making paper.) With our own in-house corrugator, we can guarantee a consistent, quality product every time. Some of our accomplishments include:
  • Chosen as First Certified Vendor for 3 Top Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • A Long-standing Legacy of Exceptional Quality and Customer Service since 1933



  • General Fibre Products uses the latest in CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technologies from the leaders in the industry, such as Bobst, Elcede, Gerber Scientific, and Esko/Kongsberg.

Benefits to Customers

  • Higher Precision: Design accuracy is unparalleled.
  • Consistency: Identical production whether it is within the same lot or separate orders.
  • Time: Time from design to final production is greatly reduced. Samples can be provided quickly while tooling is completed for large production runs.
  • Compatibilty: We support hundreds of design and file types. We can work quickly and easily with your design department.

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